Tim Zbaracki is a husband, father, veteran, and your candidate for Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose (BHM) School Board. Tim served his country for a little over 10 years (6 years active duty and about 4 years in the Air Force Reserves) as an Air Force Intelligence Officer. He deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, where he was a leader of diverse groups of people. He has a passion for service. Tim saw a need to improve the quality of education in the BHM school district, as the district is still getting back on track from the devastating effects from Covid-19.

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Issues & Policies

Tim’s campaign is centered around resolving three major issues that he has found within the school board. Those issues being a lack of ability for the public to engage in a debate or questions/answers session with the school board, a lack of strong leadership, direction, and involvement between the district and school board, and an abundance of unnecessary policies that do not align with the needs of the school district.

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